She was a young woman, he was a bald man; separately both starting new chapters in their lives in a city that they had both decided to call home. An online conversation sparked both their interests and within a few weeks she had invited him over for her birthday party.


A nervous wreck, he shined up his cowboy boots, packed up his six-string and hoped that she may enjoy a song. Together, they talked and laughed all night long, without knowing just how deeply they were falling in love. As days went on, he found himself unable to stop his mind from wandering back to her gorgeous laugh and quick wit. She cooked for him, he made her smile, and they sang together.


For the next two and a half years they were hardly without one another. He introduced her to his family, and darling little girls. She took him on great adventures, and built a home where they could all thrive on joy and love.


Then finally the day came when he could he could no longer hold back all the love he had in his heart for her. A purchase was made, and all alone in their humble apartment, he got down on one knee and presented a ring. She was taken aback in disbelief. Had the day she had longed for, for so long, finally arrived? With a flood of tears, and happiness she graciously accepted, which brings us here.


On October 14th, 2017, these two people will speak their vows and live forever together in rock n’ roll matrimony. Tom Budge and Kellie-Dawn Rivait are so pleased to have you attend, to witness their love and commitment to each other. Please enter your information in the box below to confirm your attendance on their special day. Please include your name, full mailing address, and any dietary restrictions you may have.